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Pegasus is available on desktop mobile

What is the Pegasus Path?

You’re in the driver’s seat with Pegasus Path, a new interactive degree planning tool that will help you get from orientation to graduation. This tool integrates with your myKnight Audit to suggest courses in your academic plan so you can graduate within four years on a schedule that works for you.

Note: Pegasus Path is currently only available to select programs. See if your program is eligible. 

How it Benefits You

Plan what courses you want to take, ensuring that you graduate on time.
Graduate on time

Stay organized and on top of your academics


Customize your plan using the drag and drop feature

Updates in real time

Changes you make to your plan are updated quickly


Considering a major change? Run a What-If report

Get involved

This tool suggests ways for you to get involved through opportunities such as internships, research or other co-curricular learning experiences

Advisors and students work together

Advisors can view your Pegasus Path and leave messages

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Pegasus Path is available on desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Get the UCF mobile app through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Tablet with the Pegasus Path on it

User Guide

We’ve created an interactive guide to get you familiar with the Pegasus Path. Click on the image below to begin the tutorial.

Download the user guide


Pegasus Path is an interactive and comprehensive degree planning tool that integrates academic program requirements and co-curricular activities into an optimal pathway to success.

Based on your major, the Pegasus Path will guide you to plan your entire time at UCF semester-by-semester. It includes a recommended sequence of required courses, academic milestones and suggested high-impact practices and co-curricular learning experiences. Remember the myKnight Audit is UCF’s official degree certification tool. Use it to confirm your progress toward completing your degree requirements.

UCF Undergraduates with declared majors will have access to the tool in phases based on their major. In fall 2019, all students will have access. Advisors and faculty advisors will also be able to run the plan with their students. 

Pegasus Path is available on both desktop and mobile.

To access the desktop version, login to myUCF, select Student Self-Service from the left sidebar and navigate to Student Center. Pegasus Path will be listed under the Academics section at the top.

The mobile version can be found by logging in to the myUCF app and selecting the Pegasus Path icon.

These tools work together. Pegasus Path is a planning tool that uses the information from your degree plan and recommends the sequence of courses to fulfill general education, major and minor requirements. Your path takes into account completed courses, transfer and IB/AP credits.


MyKnight Audit tracks your degree requirements and what you have completed. MyKnight Audit will remain the official tool for degree certification and program requirements. 

MySchedule Builder will enable you to determine the dates/times classes are offered and schedule the class that best meets your schedule.

Not all courses with credits earned and reflected in myKnight Audit will appear in the Pegasus Path. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor.

Transferred courses that are included in your myKnight Audit and listed on your transcript are part of your Pegasus Path plan. Transfer credits are part of your Pegasus Path Report and are viewable in the Overview section of your plan.

No. You must use myUCF online or contact your advisor. When it’s officially registered, Pegasus Path will re-calibrate your plan to include the new information.

If you are considering a major/minor change, the “What-If?” function creates a what-if scenario that shows you how your completed credits would apply to the new program of study. Keep in mind that this is just a planning function, and any what if reports you run will not change your major/minor.

A degree audit for the classes you have planned in Pegasus Path. This function is for planning purposes only.

No. You must first meet with your advisor and then file an intent to graduate in myUCF. Visit for additional information.

The Pegasus Path report displays a semester-by-semester sequence of courses that have been completed with their grades if applicable, in progress, or planned.

All declared majors and minors are built into your plan.

You must declare a major or have earned an associate degree to use most of the functions in Pegasus Path, but undeclared majors can  run what-if reports. 

The Pegasus Path makes recommendations and provides guidance. You own your path to graduation and should adjust your plan to meet your planned graduation date. It will re-calibrate to reflect your updates.

Your plan will include up-to-date program requirements, curriculum and academic policy changes.

Use mySchedule Builder to determine the dates/times classes are offered and select the class that best meets your schedule

If you did not pass a course that satisfies a specific requirement, the class will be added to your plan and will recalibrate your plan.

These are high-impact practices such as capstone courses, internships, co-ops, clinicals and study abroad, some of which may be a graduation requirement. The tool also suggests co-curricular experiences such as joining a student organization or participating in student government.

Meeting with an advisor is critical. They will provide you with invaluable information about courses and available resources. It is a task in Pegasus Path plan.

Please contact UCF Service Now at

Program Eligibility

In an attempt to provide students with the best user experience, we are rolling out the Pegasus Path in stages. Not all programs or majors will have access to the Pegasus Path immediately. Below are the programs that can access the tool now, but it will be available to all students whose catalog year is 2017-18 or after in fall 2019.

College of Arts and Humanities

Architecture B.Des.
Art, History Track (B.A.)
Art, Visual Arts and Emerging Media Management Track (B.A.)
Art, Studio Art Track (B.F.A)
Emerging Media (B.F.A.)
English BA (all tracks)
Digital Media (B.A.) – all tracks
Film – Cinema Studies Track (B.A.)
Film (B.F.A.)
French (B.A.)
History (B.A.)
Humanities and Cultural Studies (B.A.)
Latin American Studies (B.A.)
Music BME (all tracks)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Photography (B.S.)
Religion and Cultural Studies (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)
Writing and Rhetoric (B.A.)

College of Business

Accounting (B.S./B.A.)
Finance (B.S./B.A.)
Business Economics (B.S./B.A.)
Economics (B.S./B.A.)
Integrated Business (B.S./B.A.)
Management (B.S./B.A.)
Marketing (B.S./B.A.) – all tracks
Real Estate (B.S./B.A.)

College of Community Innovation and Education

Criminal Justice (B.A./B.S.) – all tracks
Exceptional Children BS
Health Information and Informatics BS
Health Services Administration
Legal Studies BA
Legal Studies BS
Non-Profit Management BA
Non-Profit Management BS
Public Administration BA
Public Administration BS

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Aerospace Engineering (B.S.)
Civil Engineering (B.S.)
Computer Engineering (B.S.) – all tracks
Computer Science (B.S.)
Construction Engineering (B.S.Con.E.)
Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.) – all tracks
Environmental Engineering B.S.Env.E
Industrial Engineering (B.S.I.E.)
Information Technology (B.S.)
Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

College of Health Professions and Sciences

Communication Disorders BA
Communication Disorders BS
Health Sciences (all tracks)
Sports and Exercise Science BS (all tracks)

College of Medicine

Biomedical Sciences (B.S.)
Biotechnology (B.S.)
Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.S.)

College of Nursing

Nursing BSN Pending

College of Optics and Photonics

Photonic Science and Engineering (B.S.PS.E)

College of Sciences

Actuarial Science (B.S.)
Anthropology (B.A.)
Biology (all tracks)
Communication and Conflict (B.A.)
Human Communication (B.A.)
International and Global Studies (B.A.)
Political Science (B.A.) – all tracks
Psychology (B.S.) – all tracks
Radio TV B.A. (all tracks)
Sociology (B.A.)

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Restaurant and Foodservice Management (B.S.)
Entertainment Management (B.S.)
Event Management (B.S.)
Hospitality Management (B.S.) – all tracks

Undergraduate Studies

Environmental Studies (B.S.)

Available to all students whose catalog year is 2017-18 or after in fall 2019